Gospel Favorites

This series is dedicated to Ruthie Allen Crowder, who should have been one of the singers on these albums, had she not gone on ahead of us at an untimely age.

The Gospel Favorite series is available with accompaniment or a cappella. Actually, we seem to have produced a new flavor, what we’ll call “virtual a cappella.” What would YOU call it if you took a bunch of a cappella singers, used the traditional arrangements but added guitars and such so we could produce an accompanied version, and then mixed them down without instruments first, producing the virtual a cappella version, and then adding the instruments back in for the accompanied version?

Give them a listen before you quibble about how we did it (i.e. I know the method will not satisfy the purist, but the bulk of the family choir are a cappella singers, and we KNOW we can sing these songs that way even though we didn’t for production reasons; we think they sound “right” when we drop the music out, so please withhold your judgments as to technique).